2013 | Past Project

Super Typhoon Hits Philippines - Yolanda 2013

On November 8th, the worst storm ever recorded struck the Philippines with wind gust of 235 mph.  Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) has cause widespread devastation throughout the Islands. If you would like to donate to aid in the long term relief effort, please click on the link below or donate through our website, subject: Typhoon Yolanda. 

Since Haiyan struck the Philippines, three more smaller typhoons have hit areas of Hindang and Basyang. Do Your Part Volunteer Brian in coordination with other organizations has established a new garden in San Antonio, 20 minutes south of Albuera. He has delivered food and water, and has instructed many villages on water purification, solar panels, and medicine. He has begun repair and rebuilding of 43 homes in the village of San Antonio, the survivors have been living under tarps behind the Elementary School. The people are helping with repairs, but they need your help to purchase supplies.

For more information, please email Lisa Campbell at dyplisa@gmail.com.