2016-2017 | Active Project

Oinofyta Refugee Camp - Refugees in Crisis



Due to the crises in Syria and other Middle East countries affected by violence, many families fled to Europe. One of the first points of their journey was Greece, wherein camps were established by the government to care for the refugees. Just outside the small town of Oinofyta, north of Athens, is a refugee camp of the same name.  Currently there are approximately 750 adults and children housed there, many awaiting paperwork to proceed to other European countries. 

To visit out Oinofyta Wares page and view items made by the residents click here: https://www.oinofytawares.com


Currently the needs for the refugees is donations for food. Due to changes in policy, some refugees do not qualify for the EU cash disbursement program, and thus we need to purchase food for the 56 people who are NOT getting cash disbursements. This results in these 56 people not having ANY food unless we provide it.  With your donation we can feed them for three months, and hopefully they will have the proper documentation by then so that they can participate in the EU cash program.

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We are counting on your support. Thank you for your gift of hope. Together we can show these survivors of a brutal war that they are not alone.

For more information, please email Lisa Campbell at dyplisa@gmail.com.