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 December 18, 2017

Refugee-made upcycled bag business thrives in Greece

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December 8, 2017

I was a mother to 2,000 people:

June 16, 2017

Humanity's Heart: "Screening for Humanity Rising in the Refugee Crisis"

LONDON, England — One of the highlights of the Screening for Humanity Rising in the Refugee Crisis was to be joined by Lisa Campbell from Do Your Part. An extraordinary woman who has given of herself selflessly to serve and restore the dignity of refugees, by giving them agency over their lives and empowering them when they need it most. Her ability to engage the local community in Greece to support her in getting the best for the refugee camp she runs in Oinofyta Greece is a testimony of her skills in being able to engage others in delivering a greater good.

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April 29, 2017

Deseret News: "Q&A: Mormon grandmother, refugee camp manager never stops caring for others"

SANDY CITY, Utah — Lisa Campbell, is a 53-year-old EMT, certified disaster relief coordinator, and manager of Oinofyta Refugee Camp near Athens, Greece. Campbell was working with refugees in Greece when neighboring Turkey and the European Union struck a deal in March 2016 to stem the flow of migrants streaming in from war-torn countries across the Middle East. Campbell joined forces with the Greek government and other relief organizations to build Oinofyta, one of the first of dozens of camps in the country. The Deseret News spoke with Campbell about her experiences at the Oinofyta camp and the current refugee crisis. 

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April 2, 2017 "How a call 'to the rescue' inspired Utahns in a year's worth of service to refugees" 

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — It’s been one year since members of the LDS Church were called upon to reach out to refugees. See how this call to service has inspired many people to step outside their comfort zones to help those most in need. A young woman, drawn to help in whatever way she could, set up a successful nonprofit organization that now provides thousands of pounds of needed items to those fleeing their dangerous homelands. Some members have traveled to refugee camps to show compassionate care, while others serve closer to home helping in their own communities. It’s a movement that is gaining momentum.

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March 21, 2017

The Virginia Pilot: "ODU student from Greece returns home to help refugees during her spring break"

NORFOLK, Virginia — Old Dominion University student Kleopatra Moditsi, was one of a group of 13 Old Dominion students who traveled to Oinofyta, Greece. They volunteered at a camp that houses 650 migrants and refugees primarily from Afghanistan. The students worked with Lisa Campbell, who co-founded a disaster-relief organization called Do Your Part. Campbell’s organization assists in first response, disaster relief and long-term recovery, according to its website. For a week, student volunteers organized donated clothing and food, and helped clean and fix things around the renovated warehouse where the refugees lived.

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February 3, 2017

AlJazeera: "Inside the world of human smuggling - a look at the smuggling chain, from middlemen and passport counterfeiters to smugglers, and the refugees who use them"

ATHENS, Greece — When refugees turn to smugglers "there's absolutely nothing we can do but continue to pray for their safety", says Lisa Campbell, the director of Do Your Part, an American NGO based in a camp in Oinofyta, a small town on the outskirts of Athens. Campbell's organization has provided food, shelter and medical services to hundreds of refugees for almost a year. From Campbell's camp alone, 150 refugees have been smuggled across the border in the past few months. Some have used fake passports to fly to their final destination, while others have gone on foot.

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January 31, 2017 "LDS woman 'doing her part' to help refugee camp in Greece"

OINOFITA, EVVOIA, Greece — When volunteers from the U.K. asked how they could help refugees in a camp voluntarily managed by Lisa Campbell, she asked them to buy paint so the residents could "beautify" their own space.

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January 30, 2017

Deseret News: "Many mormons recoil at trump order on refugees, others cheer promise of security"

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — "They don't understand why people who are searching for a way to get away from bombs, to get away from war, to get away from persecution are being stopped dead in their tracks," said Campbell, vice president of Do Your Part. "We're floored, and for the refugees themselves, this is another shot to their hope for stability and peace in their lives.

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January 15, 2017

The New European: "Afghan refugees empowering, beautiful murals in a Greek refugee camp"

OINOFITA, EVVOIA, Greece — Distressed by the tragedies unfolding from the Mediterranean migrant crisis, author Danny Scheinmann found himself through the gates of Oinofyta refugee camp where he saw crowds of men spilling out of crumbling buildings, rows of tents pitched, and the tiny kids running around in the rubble. "We had been asked by the camp director, Lisa Campbell, to help the residents ‘beautify’ the camp. In other words, paint it."

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January 1, 2017

Their Story is Our Story: "Mama bear"

NEWPORT NEWS, Virginia — Lisa Campbell is my hero!  She is the Director of Operations for 'Do Your Part', an NPO involved in long-term disaster relief, and she is the director of a unique refugee camp near Oinofyta in Greece. Lisa is the embodiment of Do Your Part's mission statement which says:  "With compassion and diligence we strive to help those affected to regain self-sufficiency and confidence." She is a real mama bear...she doesn't put up with any nonsense from her residents but if anyone outside the camp tries to mess with her kids, they better watch out. She doesn't run a charity, she runs a small self-governing, self-reliant community. 

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September 7, 2016

Daily Press: "Newport News resident manages refugee camp in Greece"

LESBOS, Greece — Meeting with members of the European Union. Making sure hundreds of people are fed. Organizing the responsibilities of multiple national nonprofits. It's a typical day for Lisa Campbell. Campbell, a Newport News resident, first traveled to Greece nearly a year ago to assist with the arrival of refugees as part of Do Your Part, a non-profit that assists in disaster relief. Since then, she has returned multiple times for months-long trips to work at refugee camps.

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June 14, 2016

Adventist Review: ‘I feel I make a difference’ - a world refugee day report from Greece'

MOUNT OLYMPUS, Greece — Lisa Campbell volunteers with Adventist Help as part of her own charity, Do Your Part. She works with the camp authorities to empower the residents. “Our goal is to give them a sense of dignity in their lives here,” she said. “They are all going to be here for at least a year — this is what we tell them. … We don't how long. Some may be here for 36 months.”Providing activity and purpose, for her, means that “they can live instead of survive.” All the refugees desperately want to move on, but ADRA and Adventist Help are doing what they can in the present to make their lives at least bearable.

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June 3, 2016

DW News: "Building a community in Oinofyta"

OINOFITA, EVVOIA, Greece — Refugees in Oinofyta are turning their camp into a community by taking matters into their own hands. People have been building things for their own rooms. With the help of volunteers, they improve their own space rather than relying on buying things. 

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November 22, 2015

Daily Press: "Newport News resident to help refugees in Greece"

LESBOS, Greece — On Thanksgiving, Lisa Campbell will arrive to the Grecian island of Lesbos, but a vacation will be far from her mind. The Newport News resident will be spending a week on the island, assisting some of the 7,000 Middle Eastern refugees who are arriving on a daily basis. "It's overwhelmed — a tiny island in a country that is economically in tatters right now," Campbell said. Volunteering comes naturally to Campbell. As a child, she said, her parents stressed the importance of helping others.

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