2013 | Past Project

Hurricane Katrina & Sandy - Superstorm Hits the East Coast

Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast days before Halloween, and it hit with a vengeance. Sandy turned into an extra-tropical cyclone, known as a "Superstorm," bringing back memories of Hurricane Katrina and the destruction it left behind. Both hurricanes brought a surge of water, with Katrina the surge was higher, and the path was 300 miles wide, whereas the shape of Sandy extended its surge 900 miles with its rotation. The volunteers of Do Your Part were there for the people of Katrina and many disasters since, and will be there for the people that have been affected by Sandy.

The aftermath of Sandy left massive devastation, and with the large population of the states and land involved, recovery is long term. Do Your Part is working along with its partners to aid in the recovery process by holding donation drives and securing large in-kind donations from corporate donors.

For more information, please email Lisa Campbell at dyplisa@gmail.com.