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Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence made landfall September 14, 2018, near Wilmington, NC, as a Category 1 hurricane, after being a Category 4 at its greatest strength. It continued to produce massive amounts of rain, tornadoes, and area flooding, causing widespread damage.

According to Time.com, there have been an estimated 48 deaths related to Florence, 37 of whom resided in NC. As of September 27, 1,500 people are still displaced due to flooding and power outages. The rain has totaled nearly 30 inches, setting records in areas of North Carolina.

Do Your Part is ready to assist the most vulnerable families impacted by this devastation with the challenges of short and long term recovery needs and resources. We will case manage the most vulnerable individuals and families to fill the gaps. So many are uninsured, or under-insured, and are in great need of assistance. In a widespread catastrophic event like this, it is imperative to focus on families and individuals without back up resources. Funds will be distributed in the form of gift cards; grants for building and repair materials; and emergency housing, to aid people with their urgent immediate and long term recovery needs.

Please help us make a difference.

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You can also contact LDSCharities.org for more information and how you can help.