Areas of Focus

Providing Assistance

Do Your Part’s focused assistance is directed to all people impacted by the devastation of loss as a result of disaster, with a special emphasis on the most vulnerable populaces of communities (such as children; elderly; disabled). Key areas of focus include disaster response and logistics; disaster relief and long term recovery; and disaster preparation and planning. Our past and current projects are multi focused and occur within the United States but also in countries such as Greece, Haiti, Nepal and the Philippines. Key areas of focus include:

Disaster Response and Logistics

  • We perform onsite and remote situation reports and needs assessments. We also help with evacuation coordination, resources and direction to people in the first response phase of disaster. Our team also assists in identifying involved organizations and agencies, their role and the kinds of services they provide in anticipation of providing Long Term Recovery resources to survivors.

Disaster Relief and Recovery

  • Do Your Part supplies coordination and delivery to emergency and evacuation shelters. We provide distribution of relief supplies and household items to families setting up their lives after losing everything to disaster. Our organization also coordinates with survivors & government in an effort to aid in getting supplies to areas hardest hit with the least accessibility. Additionally, we provide insurance claims advocacy, providing education and support information to adequately understand and document an insurance disaster claim.

Domestic Projects

Domestic Projects

Listed below are the domestic projects Do Your Part runs or has been involved with in some capacity. Our projects vary in scope and location, and include issues such as disaster relief, rescue and response operations, and community organizing and building. 

Projects Include:

International Projects

International Projects

Listed below are the international projects Do Your Part manages. Our projects include issues such as refugee resettlement, humanitarian aid distribution, vaccinations, and community organizing and building. Through the support of volunteers, and other international humanitarian organizations, we empower persecuted and displaced persons seeking safety and sustenance. 

Projects Include:


Where We've Helped

2005 - 2006 – Hurricane Katrina

2007 – Southern California Wildfires, Santa Clarita, Command Center Station 88 SFV, San Diego County

2008 – Southern California Wildfires, Sayre Fire (Sylmar), Marek Fire (Lake View Terrace)

2009 – Southern California Wildfires, Station Fire (Northeast SFV/San Gabriel Valley, CA)

2010 – Gulf Oil Spill, Four Mile Canyon Fire (Boulder, CO), Haiti Earthquake, Projects for Youth in Alabama and Mississippi

2011 – Japan Cholera, Haiti Earthquake Recovery, Projects for Youth in Alabama and Mississippi

2013 – Philippines Typhoon, Hurricane Sandy, Midwest Tornadoes, Colorado Flood Response, Oklahoma Recovery, Texas Explosion

2015 – Nepal Earthquake, Refugee Crisis in Oinofyta, Evvovia, Greece

2016 - Present – Refugee Crisis in Oinofyta, Evvovia, Greece

2017 - Present – Hurricane Harvey (Houston, TX)