2015-2016 | Active Project

East End Cares - Lesvos Refugee Project

The Civil War in Syria has created one of the biggest refugee crises the world has seen since WWII. An estimated 3,000 refugees have been arriving every day on the island of Lesvos in Greece just one of the entry points to the EU, by way of dangerous rubber rafts, with little more than a wet backpack and the clothes on their back. The ones who make it are traumatized, wet, and in need of support.  Grassroots local groups and volunteers from all over the world are working around the clock to help refugees to safety, provide them dry clothing, food, and shelter, and help them prepare for the next leg of their journey to a new life.

East End Cares and Do Your Part have launched an effort to help this epic humanitarian need. A volunteer group is traveling to Lesvos to help around Thanksgiving.  We are also raising critical funds to provide direct support for the refugees and the volunteer efforts. All donations will go 100% to direct, immediate aid.  (With no overhead or administrative costs.)

Your support will be directed at the most urgent needs at the time, anything from food to aid stations, transportation, temporary shelter and warmth to refugees, rescue and medical supplies, volunteer support and much more.  With the established network on the ground, your donation will make an impact long after our volunteer group has left.

Take action:

We are counting on your support. Thank you for your gift of hope. Together we can show these survivors of a brutal war that they are not alone.

For more information, please email Lisa Campbell at dyplisa@gmail.com.