Our Mission

Do Your Part is a 501(c)(3) grassroots non-profit organization active in disaster relief and committed to assisting in the relief of people in need during times of distress. With compassion and diligence, we strive to help those affected to regain self-sufficiency and confidence. Do Your Part is involved in, and with, organizations and agencies in an on-going effort to improve collaboration, cooperation, and especially communication. 

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Our team of committed Board members and staff are the fuel behind the mission. Do Your Part personnel are at the front lines of disaster, ready to take the lead and effectively provide assistance. Our staff bring knowledge and experience to the task of governing the organization and ensuring program impact.


Lisa Campbell

Lisa Campbell is a co-founder of Do Your Part and also serves as its Executive Director. She grew up a navy brat, then became a coast guard wife. Married thirty-three years, mother to four children and grandmother to eight, her family is the most important thing in her life. A close second is helping others. She was known as the Ann Landers of her high school.

Lisa's life has been of varied experiences and travels. She has lived in fourteen states across America. Her years lived in the Middle East as a teenager had a profound effect on how she related to the world. "We are all the same", she says. Lisa was a business owner for five years, and spent twenty-four years in management. She was President of the PTA. She has been involved in disaster relief for over twenty years, and is a certified Disaster Relief Coordinator. She has also trained as an EMT. 

Lisa's personal interests are in the areas of history, science and the origins of language. She plays a game on her phone where she creates order out of chaos. Friends describe Lisa as tenacious, driven by compassion to help others, and capable of moving mountains. She currently runs DYP's Refugee Relief Project Greece.

Dr. Farnad Darnell

Dr. Farnad J. Darnell serves as Senior Director of DYP. He received his Ph.D. in sociology from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. His areas of specialization include social psychology and identity, social theory (macro and micro), gender, marriage and family studies, and the sociology of religion. He has taught at Eastern Michigan University, the University of Maryland - College Park, and for the NCPACE program teaching aboard U.S. Navy ships on deployment. Some of his research opportunities include the study of prosocial behavior and altruism, intercountry adoption, and addiction.  He has co-authored academic journal articles on addiction and authored articles on on adoption identity.

He currently lives in the Cleveland, OH area with his beautiful dog, Kai, and maintains researching adoption identity and working with DYP in supporting relief efforts to families devastated by natural disasters, and relief efforts among refugees in Greece.

Jacque Hampson

Growing up in Oklahoma, Jacque Hampson has seen natural disasters first hand since she was very young. Giving to charity is something her family always did- and is still doing. Jacque's education is diverse, but her passion lay with the arts and NFP's. Jacque has spent thirteen years working in not-for-profit organization's including two years at Childhelp. 

Jacque serves as Secretary of DYP. She is mother to two successful sons, and has been an adoption advocate since 1989. When she is not creating or working for DYP she and her husband are hiking or fishing Colorado and planning their next volunteering vacation- hopefully in Africa, something on her Bucketlist. She has already crossed off bungee jumping. Her reading list? It's cook books and volumes of music history for this pianist.

Her closest friends call her “Might Mouse”. When asked why she thinks it's important to do your part, she says quite simply of those affected by disaster, “I want to give them a reason to smile.” Most recently she has made some unforgettable connections with children during her time volunteering with the Make a Wish Foundation.

Linda Myers

Linda Myers grew up in a military family and learned early on the importance of commitment and reliability. She worked as a systems analyst for an educational cooperative in Washington State for many years, then became a certified mediator. She is a listener, a speaker, and a writer; she knows the importance of communication in just about every aspect of life. She has been a mentor and a trainer and has spoken before diverse groups of up to 600 people. 

Linda serves as Treasurer of DYP. She has donated to disaster relief funds for many years, but now donates her time to the mission of the organziation. She has made two trips to Oinofyta to volunteer at the refugee camp there, and plans to return. She is grateful for the opportunity to make a difference “on the ground”, and finds it one of the most rewarding experiences of her life.

Team Members

Team of Advisors and Consultants  

DYP Ambassador/Hannah's Bear Hugs- Hannah Hoobyar 

Crisis Coach- Tracy Hoobyar 

Facebook/Twitter- Lisa Campbell, Farnad Darnell, Jacque Hampson, Tracy Hoobyar, and Leslie Teltoe

Media Consultant- Christina Karaba 

Long Term Recovery Case Manager- Leslie Teltoe

Medical Advisor- Dr. Maria Helena Silva



Our organization works closely with dedicated partners passionate about providing global disaster relief. Through their continued support our staff is equipped with the necessary tools and resources to distribute aid and assistance. Do Your Part is always looking to forge new partnerships with like minded organizations eager to make a change in the world.